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World Cup 22 Day 1

Lots to take in and talk about from day one in Doha, Qatar.

On the eve of the tournament Qatar decided to make a few questionable decisions

  • Ban the selling of beer

  • Ban on captain's #Onelove & rainbow #lgbtq armband from countries using it as a vehicle to protest

  • Ban on cooked kosher food & Jewish prayer

Whataboutery comments from FIFA President Gianni Infantino laced with hypocrisy and insensitivity

Opening ceremony dialogue hosted by Morgan Freeman/Ghanim Al-Muftah.

BTS star Jung Kook becomes the first Korean artist at a WC along w/Fahad Al Kubaisi for the performance of his new single "Dreamers" which subsequently shoot up the iTunes and YouTube charts globally.⬆️📈

Ecuador putting Qatar to the sword🗡️ with relative ease and literally the entire 2nd half to spare. Then publicly giving praise to Jesus in a Muslim country.

Enner Valencia scoring what should have been a WC record for a first half hat-trick in the opening match of a WC only for VAR to cancel it out based on a newly implemented rule that officials weren't clear on how they intended to define. 🙄😯

MOTM Award, sponsored by Budweiser: let the awkward continue ........Enner Valencia pictured

Qatar becoming the first host country to fail to score & lose their opening match in the history of the entire competition.

Clearly two versions of the event being broadcasted :One version that doesn't care to discuss human rights and the ones who do.

Fox completely ignoring any controversial issue


BBC/Sky Sports openly boycotting

Fan Village accommodations & what exactly does £175 get you in Doha? Unfinished construction,Brown running water, no AC, no towels for a shower nor toilet paper, luggage locks per tent for "security", felt chair seating at viewing party projectors screen and prison style fitness area with zero shaded coverings. You do get a fan in your tent though!

Ecuadorean supporters chanting for beer🍺

Fans being fans and working around the beer ban

Camera views of the supporting Qatar fans and it's a game of 'Where's Waldo' to find one single woman in the crowd. If you follow football or really sports of any kind, you'll know this isn't a hard task for the camera operators.

Furthermore Fox is pandering to the Qatar and invited the creator of the site to their broadcast stage for the openings ceremony. Here's some guidelines posted on that site. Reports are already circulating on women being arrested for 'expressionism' that does not fall in line with some of the images listed below.

The 'Pace and Power' counter from the good ole folks at Fox kicks off. Let's see how many times they drop this term in regards to players of color. #️⃣⁉️

Lastly, and more importantly the human rights issues plaguing this WC at every turn. Qatar at minimum could at acknowledge the cost of human lives sacrificed to host this event in the first place.

Tap in and join us for more coverage on day 2 of the Qatar WC



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