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Colombia topple Germany in historic comeback victory

For the first time in 21 years of woman's football, Germany lost a group stage match in the World Cup. The last time this occurred was against Sweden in 1995 which was only the second edition of FIFA Womens World Cup.

For anyone not old enough to remember how that match played out, the comeback echoed some similarities to the Colombians, with all the goals from the winning side occurring in the second half.

First was Linda Caicedo's beautiful crafted strike from inside the box at the 52th minute. What a Golazo‼️ from the 1️⃣8️⃣ year old, the timing of her goal even coincided with an earthquake in the nearby Wellington region.

Surely just a coincidence 😄, we hope anyone affected by this is safe and in good health.

The Germans did rally back to earn a penalty kick which was successfully converted by Alexandra Popp to level the score in the 89th minute. It would of remained level but the Colombians would go on to have the last say with a corner kick from the boot of Leica Santos squared perfectly to the head of Manuela Vanegas and straight into the back of the net.

The strength and willingness to fight for the winning goal should be of no surprise to those fwtm. This very same squad of women are in a deadlock demanding change, better treatment, and equality in response to the Federation of Colombian Football directives, refusing to negotiate with them. We @ FTCUTD & the entire 2cents FC Cultureverse support and will continue to be a voice to advocate for equality and fairness in the beautiful game.

Colombia now sit atop of Group H with six points. They control their own destiny as they only need a draw against Morocco, currently on three points, to win the group.

📸: Mark Baker



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