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Episode 165: World Cup Eve

Before Twitter melts away into oblivion, and after some necessary fixes to our audio setup, FTC returns with a special episode previewing the men's FIFA World Cup, starting this Sunday! Joining Devin, Greggo, and TK are members of the 2CentsFC Cultureverse and beyond-

El Johnson of The 2CentsFC Show

Professor Jermaine of Dreaming of Freedom Podcast

and we were joined by returning guest Abe Opoti of American Outlaws, MPLS/St.Paul Chapter, and we are joined for the first time by one of our newest members of The Cultureverse, Imani Dub of AO Austin!

In the first half of the show we review the US Men's roster picked for Qatar, who were the surprise picks, who we think will breakout for a standout performance, and also where does our good friend US Agent/Christian Pulisic fit in into the XI in an increasingly competitive squad.

In the 2nd half of the show we take a look at the field where each guest take a stab at picking the winners and runners up of each group, forming the Cultureverse knockout stage and picking the first ever Cultureverse World Cup winner!

Have picks of your own? Join our league and make your predictions for who takes it all in the corruption known as Qatar!

Want to keep connecting with us while Twitter fades away? Get with FTCUTD and the rest of The Cultureverse on Discord!



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