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🇲🇦CAF_RICA strikes!! 🇲🇦

Hakim Ziyech & Morocco upset Belgium with flashes of brilliance and determination!


The signs started to show in the 2nd half with Morocco continuing to push into the Belgium's final third. Then at the 46 minute Ziyech puts a free kick past everyone and into the net. Lucky for Belgium that goal was pulled back by due to VAR however the Moroccans continued to push forward. VAR goal below for reference,


Thibaut Courtouis reaction

That's when it went from bad to worse for Belgium and the ball, again, found it's way into the back of net. Another free kick that glides past everyone in the box, including the GK, and right across the line. A mirror image of the first goal but from the opposite side of the pitch and oh, it was a thing of beauty to watch roll in. The Belgium squad clearly have some issues defending set pieces and full credit for Morocco's ability to exploit that. See the goal below


What an incredible result for this Morocco team as well as CAF. The personal turmoil leading up to the tournament with the MOTM Hakim Ziyech actually retiring from international play before making the decision to come back into the fold seems to be paying dividends.


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