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How to Dominate in AR Shooting Battle with Bluetooth and Machine Learning

As parents waited in anguish for news about their children following the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, they received a chilling request from police. Officers asked for DNA samples from parents to help establish the identities of the children who had been killed in the massacre, the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history.

ar shooting battle

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. conducted a survey into the impact of the AR-15 and its use on the battlefield. To put it bluntly, the survey found that the weapon, chambered with same .223 caliber rounds that Ramos used in Uvalde, was exceedingly good at killing human beings.

In the aftermath of mass shootings targeting children, it is sometimes suggested that the public should be allowed to see the bodies. The impact of seeing actual flesh-and-blood children killed by assault rifles might shake the sensibilities of Americans enough that they enact serious changes to gun control laws that would make it less likely that AR-15s would be used again for such massacres.

A routine traffic stop in Arkansas turned into an extraordinarily violent shooting between police and a father-son pair of so-called \"sovereign citizens\" six weeks ago, shedding light on a secretive and dangerous subculture which believes American laws don't apply to them.

One of the studio's current augmented reality projects may already be too martial or realistic for some users: The AR game "FPS Enhanced Reality" for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro turns rooms and hallways into a battlefield. Soon, the garden, the meadow or other places will also become digital battlefields.

CFH and BFH reduce accuracy a little but you gain a much more durable barrel. If you plan on shooting thousands of rounds a year, it might be worth the extra cost and push you towards a 20k+ round count.

Pew Pew Tactical says: "The AR-15 is one of the most popular sporting rifles for many reasons."TACTICAL, definition : adjective: tactical...relating to or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end..,,,,,(of weapons) done or for use in immediate support of military operations.The AR 15 is a military rifle optimized for use on the battlefield to kill numerous human beings quickly. Eugene Stoner started making survival rifles for the military while at LockHeed. Pew Pew uses uses a military term in their company name. I suggest they change their name to Pew Pew Sport . Of the 17 worst mass shootings since 1994, TEN were with an AR 15. Gun makers have succeeded in tyrannizing American society for their profits......and America has the WORST per capita gun violence rate on earth. Most of the Ar 15 owners at ranges I observe shoot groups from a bench at 100 yds that are 2 to 3 feet across. Yup. They will hit you at that range if they have an entire magazine. But it is NOT a sport rifle. As Pew Pews very name tells you, it is a military rifle that has proven to be enormously effective on the battlefield. Buy as many as you can now. As the slaughter in America continues, Americans are going to demand gun safety regulations. You don't have to agree with gun safety regulations. But the typical law abiding gun owner story, isn't holding up as our well regulated militia committed 45000 gun homicides, gun suicides and accidental shootings or police shootings in 2020 alone. Sorry you don't like that. But that is NOT a well regulated militia. Thats a mob with guns. No matter how COMPETENT you think YOU are.

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YOU do NOT have the "right" to possess a weapon of war capable of killing dozens of your fellow citizens in just a few seconds. Sorry. Americans now live in constant fear of gunfire. CRIMINALS can get weapons because CITIZENS are buying them and then selling them to CRIMINALS. There are BNO LAWS that PREVENT this activity and the ATF has been emasculated by the GUN LOBBY. YOU need to read up on gun safety because you do NOT know ANYTHING about it. IF you don't support better GUN SAFETY REGULATION and REGULATION of the gun industry then you are saying that guns, which are associated with death are not to be required to have SAFETY laws. Thats like suspending all traffic laws and allowing the tobacco industry to sell their products free of health efforts to prevent lung disease. Tobacco, if used as advertised, KILLS people. Therefore it was TAXED and REGULATED until TOBACCO use declined. If CARS had no SEATBELETS and there were no stop signs, traffic lights or speed limits we ALL would be in great danger anytime we went outside . The same is true of firearms. An untrained, unregulated, unsafe fire arms owning population means more gun deaths, not fewer. The easier it is for YOU to get firearms, the easier it is for CRIMINALS , or the mentally dangerous to get firearms. Easy access to guns means that someone in a brief moment of emotional instability can act out and kill themself, or the people around them, or both. We have these types of shootings occurring DAILY. Our kids have to do LOCK DOWN drills in school because of the threat posed by America's unregulated, guns everywhere, military style rifles and pistols. Gun safety laws will work to lower the death and injury toll. OR, we can keep repeating the gun industriy's sales pitch for more and more guns and we can watch the death toll continue to climb. WAKE UP. USE LOGIC. A "well regulated militia" of gun owners that commits 45000 homicides, suicides, accidental deaths and mass shooting deaths per year is NOT a well regulated militias. Its a mob. And private militias are ILLEGAL under the Constitution anyway. If you want your kids to gro9w up in a society ruled by fear of gun violence all day, every day, keep repeating the gun industry advertising sales pitches that the NRA sells to you everyday. OR, start supporting GUN SAFETY. AMERIC A has more gun deaths per capita than ANYWHERE on earth by a HUGE margin. AND, we own the most guns per capita in an unregulated environment.

Sorry patriot but that is a logical fallacy sir. People don't use butter knives to kill each other because firearms are so much better at it. As long as America has an unregulated, unsafe gun owning public, with unlimited access to firearms designed for killing human beings as most automatic pistols and rifles are, the killing will continue at an unprecedented pace. The claim that gun safety laws won't work makes no sense at all. Certainly, you understand at least that. You can learn about gun safety at everytownForGunbSafety, BradyLaw Center, #NoRANow, MomsDemandaction or any of the many gun safety web sites. Shooters are often NOT criminals until they kill someone. Gun suicide, which accounts for 0 deaths daily, is often accompanied by gun homicide against family members, classmates, coworkers. The gun and firearms industry has created a for profit deadly gun culture in America with claims like the one you just made. Well regulated militias do not commit 45000 gun homicides and suicides and mass murders and accidental shootings which is what happens in America every year. Three times that number are wounded annually. Thats insane. Please, support gun safety by learning about how the gun industry has done everything it can to prevent even the most basic gun safety practices ...The NRA is there to sell guns for its supporters, which is the gun and ammo industry .

Not sure why you left out LWRC from the top tier list. I believe their rifles are on par with any other rifle on your top tier list. Their full ambi set up is excellent and the newerish DI system with MLok handguns is great. I was recently at a rifle shooting all day outdoor class and noticed 2 or 3 other shooters also had LWRC rifles and they all loved them.

The overview about the difference in Ar15 and M4 is inaccurate. 99% of Military M4 are NOT fully automatic. They have a three round burst. One trigger squeeze, three rounds, another trigger squeeze, another three rounds. The video of the guy shooting automatic bursts in prone, is not shooting an M4, M16 or an AR15. With so much misinformation out there regarding guns you would think you guys would know better. Politicians and celebrities say stuff like this and the uneducated masses latch onto it and spread it. Undoubtedly there is some new AR15 enthusiast reading this article expecting accurate information and taking your incorrect info as gospel. Do better. But if I just got into guns at the age of 25, maybe I wouldn't know any better either.

I stand corrected about the the time of my last date in would have been accurate. It seems they've edited the article, by the way. The incorrect claims of M4 (not M4A1) being full auto is gone. Also the video of a guy shooting a M249 with M4 description is gone. My original point still remains the same. I'm just a commenter, I can be wrong with little consequence. But an author of the page should be accurate.

Sorry, 5.56? Bullpup Travor is FAR superior. More concealable, easily broken down and cleaned, and beyond ergonomic. An Adults weapon. And since the ADULTS are running it now, ammo and firearms will be widely available AGAIN just like when he was VP. HAW HAW!First introduced in the US in the spring of 2014, the Tavor SAR won immediate acclaim and achieved record sales as the first bullpup centerfire rifle to win large acceptance in the US market, due largely in part to its pedigree as the battle proven carbine of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

A gun safe or other secure location is needed for each. Shotgun are ideal if for home defense and they are a ton of fun at outdoor ranges to shoot trap. Also shotgun ammo is easy to find and depending on the size of the shot, is less likely to penetrate walls compared to a rifle round. AR platforms would be my next choice. You can do a lot of protecting with a 30 round magazine. They are a little trickier to clean and ammunition is currently in short supply. Rifles would be my last recommendation as the tend to be for longer range shooting and most home defense would be less than 10 yards.


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