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68 Kill WORK

Chip is a timid sewer worker who is at the beck and call of his bombshell girlfriend. Liza is unhappy with her life as a prostitute and she is repeatedly abusive towards Chip in their relationship, but he is convinced that he is in love with her. One day, Liza's landlord and steady client, Ken Mckenzie, shows her a safe that contains $68,000. She convinces Chip to steal the $68,000 with her. The two sneak into the Mckenzies' house, armed and masked. Chip's apprehension of the mission is increased when he sees Liza kill the Mckenzies, who witnessed the two burglars in the house. During their heist, a young woman named Violet sees Chip with the Mckenzies' bodies and flees. Liza knocks Violet out cold and plans to sell her to her brother Dwayne, who will presumably torture and kill Violet.

68 Kill


When Chip arrives at the house, it is revealed he has been set up, as the employee was a friend of Monica's. He is taken inside, where one of the men in the house holds him at gunpoint. Chip tries to escape, but is knocked unconscious. Monica explains how and why she robbed Chip and framed him for Violet's death, even though her plan has many faults in it. Monica's group beats Chip while taking drugs that they bought with the stolen money. Chip eventually loses consciousness and has a vision of Violet, who tells him to wake up. When he does, he finds Liza is there, with a gun pointed at his face. Monica and one of her cohorts come out from the bedroom, and threaten Liza. Suddenly, Liza's brother (Dwayne) enters the room, and kills almost all of Monica's gang. With Liza and her brother now in control of the situation, Dwayne orders the two surviving members of Monica's gang (Monica and another woman) into the bedroom, where he rapes and kills one of them, leaving Monica as the only survivor from her original gang. Liza tells Chip that all is forgiven, as long as he still acts as her dog. He refuses, shoots and kills her, then goes into the bedroom to kill Dwayne. Monica thanks Chip for saving her from Dwayne "the pervert", and tells him that she will do anything that he wants her to do. He informs her that he wants her to bring the deceased Violet back to life, and then shoots and kills her (to avenge Monica's murdering of Violet in the first place.) Chip stages the scene to erase his presence at the house, takes the money, and escapes as the cops are driving to the direction of the house. On the side of the road, Chip spots a beautiful but provocatively tattooed woman with her car broken down. He considers picking her up, but ultimately speeds far away from her, content with his independence and the money.

Of course, nothing goes right, and this is where the film really begins. After killing a rich couple (particularly a disgusting jerk named Ken), Liza and Chip find themselves kidnapping Violet (Alicia Boe). She takes over in dominating Chip, but her methods are much kinder and sweeter than the ball- and face-busting Liza. From there, Chip runs into a number of other unfortunate situations and women, including Monica (Shelia Vand, who shines here), who seems to be what would have happened if Lydia Deetz had grown up to become a small-town crime boss. 041b061a72

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