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Tom Myers - Anatomy Trains - Software Download Pc ^HOT^

in addition to its nimbleness and precision, this edition is the first anatomy study to include the latest evidence-based research on fascial system anatomy and how it influences movement and dysfunction. new information in the fascial compendium focuses on the functions of the ligaments, fascial planes, and detailed anatomy and physiology of the fascia, and introduces a new system for resolving movement compensation by restoring the power or imbalance of one area of a muscle. there are new anatomy trains videos to explore dynamic patterns in human motion and horses, and dr. myers explains how to apply neck and shoulder exercises that target the tightest muscles and provide the most benefit.

Tom Myers - Anatomy Trains - Software download pc

this book presents a powerful, whole systems paradigm for manual therapy that incorporates important new discoveries in the fascial sciences. there are new information in the compendium section that supports whole system adjustments with dynamic patterns, fascial planes, and deep understandings of the fascia and its role in motion. these concepts expand our knowledge of the human body's naturally occurring processes and how they may contribute to dysfunction or compensatory patterns. from a clinical standpoint, this is one of the most profound books available on the human body-wide patterns that influence us all, and one of the first to link body and mind. with its breadth of clinical experience, the book is not abstract, and it not only recognizes the whole body but it also teaches movement patterns, coordination, and the methods of the body's self-repairing systems.

myofascial meridians are not only new ideas in their own right but a powerful metaphor for many different kinds of problems in the body. this book gives the "getting started" with them, covering such things as the basic anatomy, how to use the system in a diagnostic manner, how to apply the system, and a clinical decision making approach.


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