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Teks Simtudduror: The Book of Praise for the Prophet and How to Get It in PDF Format

What is Teks Simtudduror and why you should read it

Teks Simtudduror is a book of poetry that celebrates the life and virtues of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the best of creation. It was written by Habib Ali bin Muhammad Al-Habsyi, a renowned scholar and saint from Yemen, who had a deep love and devotion for the Prophet. Teks Simtudduror is also known as Maulid Habsyi or Maulid Simthud Durar, which means "the string of pearls in the news of the birth of the best of mankind".

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  • Teks Simtudduror is one of the most popular and widely read books of mawlid (the celebration of the Prophet's birthday) among Muslims around the world, especially in Indonesia. It contains beautiful verses that praise the Prophet's noble character, miraculous deeds, and sublime teachings. It also narrates some of the events and stories from his biography, such as his birth, his childhood, his prophethood, his migration, his battles, his miracles, his family, his companions, and his death. Reading Teks Simtudduror is a way of expressing our love and gratitude to the Prophet, who brought us guidance and mercy from Allah. It is also a way of increasing our knowledge and faith in him, and following his example in our daily lives. Reading Teks Simtudduror can bring us many benefits, such as: It can purify our hearts and minds from evil thoughts and desires.

  • It can increase our love and respect for the Prophet and his family.

  • It can inspire us to emulate his morals and manners.

  • It can strengthen our connection and communication with Allah.

  • It can attract blessings and peace to our homes and communities.

  • It can protect us from harm and misfortune.

  • It can grant us forgiveness and intercession from Allah.

The biography of Habib Ali bin Muhammad Al-Habsyi, the author of Teks Simtudduror

Habib Ali bin Muhammad Al-Habsyi was born on Friday, 24 Shawwal 1259 AH (17 November 1843 CE) in Qasam, a town in Hadramaut, Yemen. He was a descendant of Prophet Muhammad through his grandson Hasan bin Ali. He was raised by his parents, Habib Muhammad bin Husain Al-Habsyi and Sharifah Alawiyyah bint Husain Al-Hadi Al-Jufri, who were both pious and learned people. Habib Ali showed signs of intelligence and piety from an early age. He memorized the Quran and mastered various sciences before reaching adulthood. He dcd2dc6462


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