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Aisaa Kyon: A Thriller Movie That Explores Social Issues in India - Download MP3 Songs for Free

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Aisaa Kyon is a 2003 Hindi thriller movie directed by B.B. Singh and starring Ramesh Bhatkar, Sunil Dhawan, Avtar Gill, Mohan Joshi, Razak Khan, Johnny Lever, Anant Mahadevan, Raza Murad, Radhika, Rajeshh, Shiva Rindani, and Rammohan Sharma. The movie revolves around Rajesh Pandit, a middle-class student who dreams of becoming an IPS officer but faces discrimination and corruption in his way. He then changes his identity and joins a shady politician to get his desired posting, but at a great cost to his family and morals.

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Aisaa Kyon is a movie that explores the issues of casteism, reservation, nepotism, and crime in India. It shows how a young man's aspirations are crushed by the system and how he resorts to unethical means to achieve them. It also depicts how his actions affect his loved ones and his own conscience. The movie has a gripping plot, realistic performances, and a message that is relevant even today.

If you are looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you think about the social problems in India, then Aisaa Kyon is a good choice. In this article, we will tell you more about the movie, its cast and crew, its songs, its reviews, its trivia, its awards, its remake, and its streaming options. Read on to find out more.

Plot Summary

Aisaa Kyon follows the story of Rajesh Pandit (Rajeshh), a bright student from a poor family who lives with his widowed father (Sunil Dhawan) and unmarried sister (Radhika). He studies in college and is in love with Kaajal (Radhika), who comes from a wealthy family and wants to be a journalist. Rajesh wants to join the Indian Police Service (IPS) and become a police officer. He works hard for his exams and interviews and is confident that he will be selected.

However, he is shocked to learn that he has been rejected because of the reservation policy that favors candidates from backward classes. He feels cheated and angry at the system that discriminates against him based on his caste. He decides to change his name to Rajesh Paswan and work for Dharamdas (Mohan Joshi), a corrupt politician who promises him an IPS posting in exchange for his loyalty. Rajesh agrees to do whatever Dharamdas asks him to do, even if it means breaking the law or hurting innocent people.

Rajesh's father is devastated by his son's decision and tries to dissuade him from joining Dharamdas. He also struggles to arrange enough dowry for his daughter's marriage. Rajesh's sister is unaware of his new identity and profession and is proud of him for being an IPS officer. Kaajal is also clueless about Rajesh's transformation and continues to love him. She becomes a journalist and starts investigating Dharamdas's illegal activities.

Rajesh soon realizes that he has made a big mistake by working for Dharamdas. He finds out that Dharamdas is involved in murder, extortion, kidnapping, rape, and other crimes. He also discovers that Dharamdas has betrayed him by giving him a fake IPS certificate and blackmailing him with it. He feels guilty for ruining his father's reputation, his sister's happiness, and his own integrity. He decides to quit Dharamdas's gang and expose him to the police.

However, Dharamdas is not willing to let Rajesh go so easily. He tries to kill Rajesh and his family, but Rajesh manages to escape and fight back. He also reveals his true identity to Kaajal and his sister, who are shocked and hurt by his lies. Rajesh then confronts Dharamdas and exposes his crimes to the police and the media. He also apologizes to his father, his sister, and Kaajal for his mistakes and asks for their forgiveness. The movie ends with Rajesh surrendering himself to the law and hoping for a second chance in life.

Cast and Crew

Aisaa Kyon has a talented cast and crew who have worked in various Hindi movies and TV shows. Here are some of the main names and roles associated with the movie:



B.B. Singh


K.C. Sharma


Vidhur Kamal Nayan

Story writer

Shashi Raj - II

Screenplay and dialogue writer


Music director

Dev Kohli



Rajesh Pandit / Rajesh Paswan (lead actor)


Kaajal (lead actress)

Mohan Joshi

Dharamdas (antagonist)

Sunil Dhawan

Rajesh's father

Raza Murad

Sharad Chander (Kaajal's father)

Avtar Gill

Dharamdas's henchman

Razak Khan

Kaalu Khuta (Dharamdas's henchman)

Johnny Lever b70169992d


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