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[S5E7] RuPaul Roast

Going last didn't do Detox any favors: by the time it was her turn, she'd forgotten the rhythm she'd planned, and though her writing was great (I loved the "Gayer than the Fire Island production of Rent" jab at Leslie), she would have benefitted enormously from a few minutes of alone-time to collect herself just before her roast.

[S5E7] RuPaul Roast

I never even thought of the idea of Alaska coming out as Sharon. That could have been pretty great, because it appears to me like she's doing Lady Bunny-lite here for the roast. I'm hoping now the wheat has bid farewll to the chaff we'll see what our queens are really made of.

Concerned that her friendship with Detox and Roxxxy is making her blend in instead of stand out, Alaska focused on differentiating herself this week, choosing to open the roast in an attempt to draw extra attention to her talents. It worked, but how will her friends feel about Alaska striking out on her own?

Alyssa seems to think her jokes are too much. No one else agrees with her. Michelle Visage takes the Tim Gunn Ru role & gives each queen some advice on their jokes. Coco decides to create a character instead of doing a straight roast. Jinkx has a bout of narcolepsy #NarcolepticDragQueen.

Of course, when we get to the roast, Alaska is great opening the show. Roxxxy bombs. Coco does well, as does Jinkx. Ivy has some moments, but some misses as well. Alyssa bombs. Detox does ok until she loses her place in her notes. She also drops a lot of f-bombs, which was unnecessary.

For this week's mini-challenge, the queens read each other. Alaska wins the mini-challenge. For the main challenge, the queens will participate in the RuPaul roast, where they will roast RuPaul, the judges and the other queens in front of a live audience.

Season five is largely considered one of the franchise's very best, and this roast is a key reason why. The seventh episode followed a comedy roast for RuPaul, with each of the competing queens showing off their funny side and attempting to achieve the terrifying task of making jokes at the expense of the show's host. Several queens such as Alaska Thunderf*ck, Jinx Monsoon, and Coco Montrese delivered excellently and still hold up today even after all these years.

Crab was followed by Seashell, who sang Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now." To mess with the panelists, Cluedle-Doo didn't show them her food clue but revealed to the audience that it was grapes. Seashell's roast bird and TNT clues had Jeong going with expert roaster and Lady Dynamite guest star Sarah Silverman. Scherzinger understood TNT to mean famous twins "Tia and Tamera," and guessed Tamera Mowry. Rita Wilson said Scout Willis, because of the scout cookies we saw in Seashell's clues segment. 041b061a72


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