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A-Squared Emergency USB Stick \\u2013 Portable Antivirus Kit

eScanAV is perhaps less well known than most of the other tools here, but detection results in the major antivirus tests for eScan products put it ahead of some major household names. They also offer this Antivirus Toolkit which is a proper dedicated portable virus scanner.

A-Squared Emergency USB Stick \\u2013 Portable Antivirus Kit

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We are providing some good & amazing Free offline portable tools which can help to get rid of a virus infected PC. All these tools are stand alone (portable) virus scanners. So you can easily run them from the USB stick. Below comparison table can help you to instantly review all the tools. We have reevaluate the software in 2021 with latest updated version and update this list accordingly.

Below are the best Free portable virus removal tools or offline scanners. All these tools can be run through USB stick. Some of these tools also provide command line support to run them through DOS. These are useful when your severe infected PC denied to run any executable file.

Emsisoft is the perfect tool to rescue an infected PC. It provide portable USB based scanner, which do not require any internet connection. No installation required. Can be run directly from the USB. It is a collection of portable software which includes powerful Malware scanner, HijackFree and BlitzBank in its Pro version. But in Free version you get a Powerful Malware Scanner to eliminate most of the threats deeply. This can be run through a USB stick. Emsisoft emergency kit supports both GUI and Command line. It is available for free download for personal use but you can also purchase a pre-compiled USB stick for the commercial use. It is ideal to rescue from a badly infected PC.

Portable antivirus is very useful, when a computer device get severely infected with the malwares and even block you to connect to the internet or installing any software. In this case the only hope is the portable offline antivirus scanner. Neither they require an installation nor they require an internet connection. You can keep them in a Rescue disk for the emergency use. Or you can download these scanners from another computer and copy to a removable USB device. Then attach it to the infected PC and run the software directly from the USB.

If your Microsoft Windows is infected by malware, chances are, your antivirus has been disabled by the virus or trojan. Uninstalling and reinstalling any antivirus is useless because the malware is programmed to disable it. This is where portable USB antivirus comes to the rescue. Two heads is better than one, having a second opinion from a different security software is better than none. Without further ado, here are the complete list of the best portable antivirus scanner that can be used without installation to scan and clean infected computers

Portable standalone antivirus needs to be updated regularly; some antivirus allows you to download the database, while other requires you to download the entire software. Some standalone antivirus are not updated frequently, thus it might not be able to detect the latest malware. Here is the complete list of all portable antivirus, they are compatible with fully featured antivirus.


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