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Nba Live 08 Mobile Game Free 15 NEW!

Having problems in gameplay almost every game. I am playing rising stars and every time a foul happens I worry its going to freeze like it does just about every game. Its not that the game itself freezes, its just that the ball never goes to the free throw shooter and it just has the guy stand there waiting for a ball that never comes. I like nba live more than 2k but having this problem is happening just about every game and I am forced to quit the game and start over. It is getting ridiculous.

nba live 08 mobile game free 15


Anytime after the second quarter, someone will go to the free throw line and not recieve the ball. The game will not continue at all. The only way for me to get around this is to leave and restart the game again. This happens EVERY SINGLE GAME. I really like this game, but not being able to finish a game in the rising star. Is there going to be a fix or can i exchange for my money back or something because i'm not interested in wasting money on a game i cant even play because of a problem that is EA's fault and wont fix.

In order to bring you the latest and greatest content, we will have to bring the game servers down temporarily to ensure a stable experience. The planned outage will begin on January 13th, 2021. During this time, the game will be unavailable, but feel free to follow us on the following social media platforms for updates for when Season 5 is officially LIVE!

Twenty-one games have been released in the series, beginning with NBA Live 95 in 1994. NBA Live 10 was to be succeeded by NBA Elite 11, the first game under the new NBA Elite branding. EA Sports ultimately abandoned the re-branding after the cancellation of NBA Elite 11, opting to return to the NBA Live name. Following the cancellation of NBA Live 13, the series was finally rebooted with NBA Live 14, released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A spin-off mobile game has also been release for Android and iOS devices.

A sequel was released the following year, with NBA Live 96's tagline promoting it as a "Back to Back Champion". NBA Live 96 was very similar to its predecessor but featured updated rosters including the expansion Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies. It was also the first game in the series to include Create-a-Player and also expanded the team rosters to fourteen, including two injured reserve slots. A Free Agent pool was also used for the first time in NBA Live 96, however no free agents were included by default and the pool only contained fourteen slots the same as regular NBA teams, limiting the amount of players that could be released.

The PC version of NBA Live 96 also introduced multiple camera angles in both gameplay and instant replay and on-the-fly playcalling utilising the function keys (F1-F4 for Player 1, F5-F8 for Player 2). It did not feature the expansion draft feature found in the SNES version however, which allowed users to re-live or re-create the expansion draft held to fill out the rosters for the Raptors and Grizzlies. The SNES version did not include several rookies in addition to Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, however their data could be pre-loaded by entering player names in Create-a-Player. A few legendary players including Wilt Chamberlain and Magic Johnson could also be automatically added this way. Adding these players made use of a created player slot however, in some cases forcing users to pick and choose which missing players they wanted to add to their roster.

NBA Live 97 represented a major overhaul in the graphics of NBA Live. Although players would not yet use proper faces, facial features were more detailed and there was more variety in player models with heavier players appearing more bulky. Team jerseys also featured more details with correct designs including logos and trims, rather than simply using the appropriate colour palette as in the first two games. The PC version also expanded its team management functions with 100 Created Player slots, a bigger Free Agent pool that included several free agent players by default and proper fifteen man rosters with three injured reserve slots. Despite these updates, many fans considered NBA Live 97 too small a step forward in terms of gameplay.

NBA Live 99 continued to build upon NBA Live 99 by further enhancing the graphics and the concept of GM Mode through Multi-Season Mode which introduced multi-year play and aspects such as player development, though it did not include the rookie draft or free agency. NBA Live 99 is noteworthy for being released during the strike-shortened 1998/1999 season, which meant that the game shipped with final 1997/1998 rosters rather than 1998/1999 rosters including Class of '98 rookies such as Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison. Two official updates were released that addressed various gameplay issues while also adding the 50 game schedule the NBA utilised in 98/99 and updating the rosters to include rookies and the latest transactions.

NBA Live 2000 was released the following year and for several years afterwards would be hailed as the pinnacle of the series, though in a 2007 poll held by the NLSC it would finish second to NBA Live 2005. Live 2000 was the first game to feature Franchise Mode, finally fulfilling the wishes of NBA Live fans by providing a multi-year season mode complete with NBA Draft, salaries, free agency and the rookie draft. Due to restrictions imposed by the NBA, players did not use their actual salaries but rather used "points" and a "point cap". To date, NBA Live 2000 is the final game in the series to allow players to a save a game in progress.

On May 10th 2016, it was announced that the next NBA Live game would not be released until early 2017. In its place, NBA Live Mobile was released worldwide on July 5th, following a soft launch in Canada on February 17th. Essentially a mobile version of Ultimate Team, it has been fairly well-received, especially compared to recent console releases. In January 2017, rumours of a possible demo release titled "The Drive to NBA Live" emerged. An investor call in late January finally revealed that the early 2017 release had been cancelled, in order to continue development and release a fully-featured NBA Live 18 in Fall 2017. NBA Live 18 was released as planned, receiving a slightly warmer reception than its predecessors. NBA Live 19 was released in September 2018, receiving the most positive reviews since the relaunch in 2013. With the announcement that NBA Live 20 would not be released in order to focus on the next generation consoles coming in 2020, NBA Live 19 became the last release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One generation.

The series finally returned with NBA Live 14, a game that received mostly negative reviews. Since then, the series has struggled to regain sales and critical acclaim. The subsequent releases, NBA Live 15 and NBA Live 16, received more mixed reviews, but were generally been considered to be slight improvements over NBA Live 14. The next game in the series, NBA Live 18, will be released in Fall 2017. A mobile game for iOS and Android devices, NBA Live Mobile, was released in Canada on February 17th 2016, and worldwide on July 5th 2016. Essentially a mobile version of Ultimate Team, the game has been generally well-received, compared to the most recent console versions. After skipping a release in 2016, 2017's NBA Live 18 was better received. NBA Live 19 also received praise for getting the series back on track.

As generally known, the Playstation3, the Xbox360, and the Wii are the latest and most advanced platforms released to date. The game is judged on these three platforms is graded A excellent. The game itself features NBA players looking extremely lifelike, and as the game progresses the look of fatigue is painted on the faces of the NBA players. Sweat all over the face and sweat marks on the jerseys of the players make the game so real to the eyes of gamers. What has captivated patrons of the game is how developers worked on such detailed character movements making the game so real. Unlike predecessors, NBA Live 08 was developed in such a way that movements and actions are done by the characters in-game are life-like and not superhuman. The movements of the characters are so life-like that gamers feel like they are watching the real live players themselves. Running at a smooth 60 frames per second, NBA LIVE 08 is as close as you can get to the court, without dropping a dime for courtside seats. (NBA 1)

The game NBA Live 08 can be described by any normal person and say that it is just another Sports game where you pick a team and get to play against a friend, which is pretty much it. But if a gamer and patron of the game is asked, replies would be very different. The game caters to players who wish to leave their lives behind and play as much as they want to relieve stress, which is what all games are about. NBA Live 08 was made different and EA games made sure of that.

Taking myself back to the court in an attempt to get better through an actual hands-on the ball experience, one thing that always kept my attention and kept my hopes for interest in the game was the graphics. NBA Live 15 is without a doubt a spectacular looking game in every aspect of which it delivers to the player.

Detailed and immersive crowds that behave and respond to what takes plays during the match, reflective courts and an impressive lighting system, convincing commentary and TV style camera effects that replicate watching an actual live game, are just a small handful of where NBA Live stands out and proves to be an entertaining and realistic game.

Although NBA Live 15 has made great strides since the previous iteration (NBA Live 14) -- from improved physics to higher-resolution graphics for player appearances -- it's tough to recommend it when the superior rival NBA 2K15 offers so much more. That said, the broadcast presentation sponsored by ESPN gives the feel of a real-live NBA game, and controls are simpler compared to NBA 2K15, which could make the transition smooth for players new to video game basketball. But NBA Live 15 still struggles to accurately showcase the flow of the game through its animations. Players look stiff and almost robotic at times when they switch between moves. It's not as frequent here as in the previous version, but it's still notable.


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