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Pop Smoke Blue Devil - Flow Edit

hey all I can tell you about the product first hand is... my o4 jeep cherokee has 219k miles I use it only to pull my boat because im not pulling it to salt water with my 2020 tundra, it blew a head gasket my mechanic recommended blue devil or the junk it, put it in and now runs as good as the day I bought it! you decide

Pop Smoke Blue Devil - Flow Edit

The only thing that should be inside a combustion chamber is the precise mixture of air and fuel. If oil somehow finds its way into the cylinder, it will be ignited together with the air and fuel mixture, resulting in a thick blue-ish cloud of smoke to exit the tailpipe, which might appear to be white smoke to some people. Other signs include engine misfires and increased oil consumption.

Dust devils form when a pocket of hot air near the surface rises quickly through cooler air above it, forming an updraft. If conditions are just right, the updraft may begin to rotate. As the air rapidly rises, the column of hot air is stretched vertically, thereby moving mass closer to the axis of rotation, which causes intensification of the spinning effect by conservation of angular momentum. The secondary flow in the dust devil causes other hot air to speed horizontally inward to the bottom of the newly forming vortex. As more hot air rushes in toward the developing vortex to replace the air that is rising, the spinning effect becomes further intensified and self-sustaining.[3] A dust devil, fully formed, is a funnel-like chimney through which hot air moves, both upwards and in a circle. As the hot air rises, it cools, loses its buoyancy and eventually ceases to rise. As it rises, it displaces air which descends outside the core of the vortex. This cool air returning acts as a balance against the spinning hot-air outer wall and keeps the system stable.[4]

Asner began amassing more than 400 film and TV appearances, from the John Wayne western "El Dorado," to the Elvis Presley vehicles "Kid Galahad" and "Change of Habit." His other credits included "Route 66," "The Untouchables," "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour," "The Virginian," "Dr. Kildare," "The Outer Limits," "The Defenders," "Slattery's People," "The Satan Bug," "The Rat Patrol," "Gunsmoke," "The Fugitive," "The Wild Wild West," "Mission Impossible," "The FBI," "Ironside," and "They Call Me Mister Tibbs." 041b061a72


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